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Quality ControlGalaxy Aromas

Our entire range includes fragrances for cosmetics, natural & industrial aromatics, natural non toxic compounds which go through a strict QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM. We believe that a consistent emphasis on the supply of high Quality Products & Services is a vital prerequisite for lasting partnerships with our suppliers and customers.

To meet these high standards, we have introduced a quality management system which keeps a check on our standards. Quality control and state-of-the-art production techniques play an important role in maintaining our standards. Research and development are also areas of major importance in this aspect. Our R & D is well equipped with up-to date modern and all latest equipments of testing

Only when the R&D panel clears these ingredients, are they used in the manufacturing of the products. Equipments and implements used in the production are of advanced levels and this ensures efficient production of the fragrances.

Our efficient management system guarantees that the manufacturing, packaging and transportation of the products are done maintaining high standards. Packaging of perfumes are done in high quality jerry cans, aluminum cans, glass & pet bottles and HDPE card boxes to prevent any damage to the products while it is being shipped.

State of the art technology and infrastructure has helped us produce the best of our products and today our concern has a production capacity of 200 tons. Today we have been able to establish our credibility and repute in this highly competitive arena only due to customized perfumes, efficient pricing, strict quality control and prompt service.