Detergent and Oil cakes

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Our Products for Detergent and oil cakes
Our flagship product and specialty. Innovative perfumes for traditional oil cakes/ laundry soaps.
Laundry soaps
Oil cakes
A broad array of fragrances for Oil cakes, Laundry and Detergent soaps are manufactured, supplied and exported by our organization. These fragrances are made using pure chemicals which after application leave a lingering smell and are not harsh on the clothes and the body. In our flagship range, we offer fragrances for detergents and several washing bars. We rigorously test these chemicals to ensure that they are completely skin friendly and bring no side effect. Our expert team is constantly into R & D to meet the new trends, brands & fashion in the market. With 5 decades of experience in this segment, we have mastered the art of providing high performance perfumes in the most economical and cost effective pricing that can’t be beaten by any existing aroma manufacturer.